About the Council

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We respect the worth, dignity, potential, and uniqueness of each individual.  We empower each other and encourage teamwork to benefit those we serve.

Our Mission

The Council promotes a climate of mutual respect in the workplace.


  • Foster a welcoming and inclusive climate throughout the Division.
    • Coordinate periodic division-wide socially interactive and engaging workshops focused on a specific culture.
    • Provide resources regarding university-wide diversity seminars and workshops to Division employees.
    • Reward an employee and team that consistently encourage and demonstrate respect to all.
  • Raise diversity awareness and level of understanding.
    • Assist Executive Leadership Team in meeting the goals and completing the Diversity and Climate Assessment Report.
    • Provide ideas and solutions based on division-wide climate survey results.
    • Provide annual division-wide training.  
  • Establish two-way, ongoing communications throughout the Division.
    • Establish regular meetings with Executive Leadership Team, “Breakfast with the Executive Team”.
    • Enhance website to provide information regarding the Council, current diversity-related university events, and allow easy communication with the Council.
    • Members will distribute meeting notes in a timely manner.
  • Identify training and opportunities for career growth and business continuity.
    • Develop an educational program around the themes of communication and trust for Division employees.
    • Identify and fund Division employees who would like to participate in diversity related training seminars and institutes.

SymbolClimate Culture Respect -LOGO

The Council's triple infinity symbol represents that its three parts; Climate, Culture and Respect, should be ongoing and endless.  This symbol is given as part of the annual Respect Award in the form of a custom-made sterling silver lapel pin.